Trussmonkeys offers lighting solutions for any event, from small weddings and meetings to large-scale concerts and conventions. Anything that needs lighting, Trussmonkeys can work with you to make it happen.

We offer the following services:

Design: Trussmonkeys can produce a professional rendering of your event area and personalize the look and feel for whatever your theme or concept may be.

Installation: Based on your completed and approved design, Trussmonkeys will arrange transportation of the necessary lighting equipment to your venue and provide adequate technical support for installation based on the lighting design package.

Programming: Trussmonkeys will program each lighting element to match the completed and approved design and “feel” of your event.

Operation: Trussmonkeys will operate (run) your show from beginning to end with a programmer/operator and minimum of one lighting assistant to ensure all operation runs smoothly.

Break-down: Trussmonkeys will break-down and remove all equipment and arrange transportation of the equipment away from the venue.